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Parish Hall Update

Greetings, St. Alban’s Parish! On behalf of the Parish Hall Committee please see the below updates related to the construction of our Parish Hall:

If you will recall, we last reported earlier this year a synopsis of the general phases of construction the project would undergo throughout 2024. These phases are progressing according to plan and schedule. We are confident and pleased to report that all signs point to an on time and on budget completion of the project. Please know that your pledges to the parish hall effort are and will continue to be treated with the utmost fiduciary care.

As a reminder of the ground we have covered so far, the building construction builds upon literally years of work already completed which includes: completion of the playground relocation project, unveiling of the conceptual parish hall design (see YouTube link below if you missed it), full building design and permitting, construction bidding, a successful capital campaign, coordination with the Diocese, engagement with financial institutions, and countless other tasks.

So what does the remainder of this journey look like? First, construction of the building will continue over the next several months. Knowing you can see the exterior of the building progress each time you visit the church, we offer the below photos of the interior (which of course is unfinished) but demonstrates the scale of the inside of the building. Upon completion of the building proper, an Audio Visual contractor will then mobilize on site to install the AV system for our new parish hall. Additionally, various furnishings have begun to be delivered to the church, and others such as the tables and chairs for the hall will arrive later this summer. All of these furnishings will be imported into the parish hall prior to opening. Later this year please be on the lookout for communication from the Parish Hall Committee announcing the ribbon cutting and opening Sunday of the parish hall!

This chapter of our parish history is truly exciting. For those who pledged to this effort already, we can’t say thank you enough. We do ask that you please ensure you are current with committing towards your generous pledge made during the capital campaign. If you did not pledge during the capital campaign, please prayerfully consider doing so now by making a pledge using this link, or through engagement with one of the Parish Hall Committee members. The more pledges we can continue to collect, the less our annual budget will be directed towards mortgage payments, and instead released for other purposes.

Let us all continue to support this effort knowing that doing so will expand God’s mission here at St Alban’s Davidson.

Thank you,

James Wally

Your Parish Hall Committee:

Jean Bonnyman, Carmen Germino, Eileen Keeley, Kevin Lloyd, Allison Kratt, Rhett Mabry, Hank Patch, David Pylipow, Mike Sass, Alex Slawson, Leslie Urban, James Wally, Danny Wiles

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