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Hide Your Word


This Psalm is attributed to being written by King David. In many ways this Psalm acts as a love letter to God’s word. Psalm 119 is also the longest psalm in the book of Psalms. It’s length and expression portray the reverence and gratitude King David had for the word of God. In this particular verse David shows us his dependency on God’s word. Because he doesn’t just read or study God’s word, he says he hides it in his heart. The word “hide” in Hebrew means to treasure, to reserve, to protect, to keep close.


Which lead me to question, do I have that same active and passionate approach to God’s word in my own life? Do I treasure God’s word in my life? Do I stock pile God’s word in my heart so that I am ready to navigate the many ups and downs that come my way and the daily temptations that I am facing? Do I protect God’s word as number one priority in my life, as number one influence in my decision making? Or do I approach the Bible with apathy, minimally, and consistently in my life?


I wonder if we can just be challenged by this verse and also encouraged that God wants us to connect with His word; to fall in love with His word, to treasure His word. And when we do that, our relationship with God flourishes as a result.


So, here are some steps I have taken to embrace God’s word for the treasure that it is. I began to memorize scripture by taping them on the mirror. I ask family members to say a bible verse after we say grace at each meal. I share a verse with a friend or family member and have discussions on what it means to each of us.


What are some ways you are hiding God’s word in your heart?


Whatever your next step is or steps you are taking, I pray that as you treasure God’s word for what it is, that you will see God move in your life in miraculous ways.


Yours in Christ,


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