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Heartbreak in my Inbox

This Lent at St. Alban’s, we have been sending out weekly “Saints in your Inbox” messages, telling the stories of Black, Indigenous, Latino/a, Asian, & Pacific Islander Christians who have led exemplary lives. Many of these stories have led me to feel sadness and anger at the struggles they experienced, but also deep admiration at the incredible resilience and faith of these remarkable Christians.


Yesterday, I received a different sort of email in my inbox, but one that also infuriated me and broke my heart. Our Bishops sent out a letter regarding a racist incident that took place at a recent Diocesan youth event. The letter from the Bishops can be found below. I invite you to read it and spend some time in prayerful reflection.


If you feel shocked or surprised by what you read in the letter, consider the stories of the Saints we are learning about this Lent. Do you think they would feel surprised? Sadly, I imagine they would not. The threads of racism and white supremacy have long been woven into the fabric of the world and the church, and clearly, they are still with us.


I hope that in sharing this letter with you, it will be a reminder of why the work of anti-racism must continue to be a priority for ourselves, our parish, and our community.


Yours in Christ,


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