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With Gratitude

This being my last newsletter article before Carmen’s return from sabbatical, I want to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “thank you”!  I have been reminded again and again these last few months what a faithful, devoted, supportive, and talented community we have here at Saint Alban’s.  I certainly can’t say that it has been an uneventful time, but at every turn we have demonstrated the kind of loving-kindness and resilience that makes us such a healthy and vibrant congregation. 

The members of the Parish Hall Committee, under the dedicated leadership of James Wally, have continued to do their remarkable work of seeing this project through to completion.  James and Mike Sass have put in countless hours overseeing and collaborating with the construction team.  Thanks to their efforts, various challenges have been overcome and we are still currently on schedule for a late September completion date.  Other members of this “dream team” committee have also been hard at work with continuing fundraising efforts and the acquisition of furnishings, kitchen supplies, and a high-quality AV system for the Parish Hall.  We all owe a debt of gratitude to these folks: Jean Bonnyman, Dave Pylipow, Danny Wiles, Richard Colven, Leslie Urban, Hank Patch, Alex Slawson, Rhett Mabry, Eileen Keeley, Allison Kratt, and Lisa McDonnell.   

A Parish Hall Usage Committee, with James Kennedy and Annamarie Klemm as co-chairs, has now been formed to help us be good stewards of this amazing new space and plan for how to best use it for the ongoing growth of Saint Alban’s, and share it with the wider community.  You will be hearing more from them in the weeks to come.  The excitement is building!

I also cannot say enough about how our community stepped up for Jessica Ewell and her family following the sudden and untimely death of her mother.  Within 36 hours of creating a sign-up for meals for her family, the slots were full.  I am deeply grateful, as I know Jessica is, for the various ways you have shown your love and support during a very difficult time.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude for all the ways you have supported me during Carmen’s sabbatical.  While I’m certainly looking forward to her return, I am grateful for this time, as it has given me an even deeper appreciation for this community.  Valerie and Leslie have been tremendous partners in ministry. Our staff and lay leadership are second-to-none.  And so many folks have stepped up in various ways to ensure that we have continued moving forward in mission and ministry.  I give thanks to God for the gift it is to serve in this place!

Gratefully yours,


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