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Thank you, Patti Rossini!

As this school year draws to a close, Patti Rossini’s time as our Preschool Director is also coming to an end.  I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of so many, to express our heartfelt gratitude for all that Patti has done for the Saint Alban’s community (and beyond). 

Patti started at Saint Alban’s in 2016.  Since then, she has done a remarkable job overseeing the growth and development of our preschool program.  Under her leadership, our preschool has been a beacon of love, joy, and learning for so many children and their families.  In recent years, she provided a steady hand during the tumultuous time of the pandemic, always working to ensure the safety of the children and their families, and the preschool staff.  One only has to spend a little time in the preschool during school hours to see what a loving, supportive, and engaging environment she has helped create for children and teachers alike.

Patti has been an invaluable and beloved member of the Saint Alban’s staff, always ready to support her colleagues, and often going above and beyond her normal responsibilities as Preschool Director.  As just one example, she has been the go-to baker for staff birthday cakes!  And Patti has never lost sight of the fact that the preschool is a ministry of Saint Alban’s.  She has always been cooperative and collaborative with regards to the use of the preschool space for our Sunday School and various parish gatherings/meetings.

As we prepare to bid Patti farewell upon her retirement, please join me in expressing our heartfelt gratitude for all that she has done for our parish and the wider community.  She has been a gift to so many and will certainly be missed.  Although, you may still see her around on occasion, as she has already volunteered to help out with our Sunday Children’s Chapel during the summer months, and she has a plot in our Seeds Garden!

Thank you, Patti, and may retirement bring you joy, peace, and many blessings! 

Yours in Christ,


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