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Lent 2024: Give Up Your Silence

For many, the season of Lent is a time of action; letting go of old habits, or laying the foundations for new ones. For others, Lent is a time of spiritual introspection, of finding new paths to deepen their relationship with their faith and God.

The Diocese of North Carolina has long been involved in the field of advocacy, often lending its voice to live into our baptismal covenant of respecting the right of every human being. As Bishop Sam Rodman wrote in his column, "Seeking the Next Right Thing" (Disciple, Summer 2023), "The biblical precedent by which we live has always invited, and even demanded, that people of faith speak out on the actions of those who govern us—to offer support, and also critique—based on the values we believe are consistent with the teachings and example of the one we follow: Jesus."

This Lenten season, the Diocese of North Carolina invites you to discern ways you might give up your silence and lend your voice to uphold the values consistent with the teachings and example of Jesus. You are invited not into direct action, but into a time to learn and think. How might you give up your silence to ensure the dignity of every human being?

A great place to start is the diocesan mission priorities along with areas of advocacy and ministry currently active in the diocese. As you learn about the work happening in these areas:

  1. Think about what issues resonate within you.

  2. Discern ways in which you might "give up your silence" in the months to come. Might you be willing to:

  • Have conversations about specific issues?

  • Share resources about issues?

  • Get involved with church activities around issues or help your church get started?

  • Get involved with a diocesan committee focused on a particular issue?

  • Volunteer with local organizations working to address a particular issue?


If Lent is the season for learning and discerning, Easter is the season to take action.

As part of Advocacy Day 2024, Episcopalians across the Diocese of North Carolina are invited to give up their silence and add their voices to those meeting in person with legislators. You can do this by taking part in the "Give Up Your Silence" postcard campaign.

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