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Counting My Blessings

We are calling this Sunday at Saint Alban's "Gratitude Sunday", as we give thanks for the generosity of those who have made their pledges for 2024, ask God's blessing on our Turkey Drive donations, and have our United Thank Offering in-gathering.

One of my spiritual disciplines over the years has been to set aside time on a regular basis to literally "count my blessings", to intentionally call to mind those things and people in my life that engender joy and provide for my well-being.

In preparation for "Gratitude Sunday" I feel it appropriate to count some of my Saint Alban's blessings:

  • Faithful and committed parishioners who give generously of themselves and their resources in many and various ways to support the life and ministries of Saint Alban's.

  • Wonderful vestry members and wardens who have provided faithful, steady, and wise leadership.

  • An amazing and talented staff of colleagues who share their talents with love, care, compassion, and generosity.

  • A congregation that strongly supports me in my role as Episcopal Campus Minister at Davidson College, with special thanks to Elaine Carmann as ESF Dinner Coordinator.

  • A Parish Hall Committee that has worked tirelessly over a four-year period (thanks to the COVID interruption) towards the goal of building a new parish hall. Especially grateful for the expertise and incredibly generous offering of time and talent by James Wally.

  • The deeply impactful and life-giving work of Patti Rossini as the Saint Alban's Preschool Director over the last eight years.

  • Seeds & Caldera Gardens.

  • Stations of the Cross Trail and new Stations of the Cross in the nave.

  • A growing and enthusiastic Children's Choir

These are just some of the many blessings that come from being part of this wonderful church family at Saint Alban's. As we come together for "Gratitude Sunday", I invite you to count your own Saint Alban's blessings. We have much for which to be grateful!

In gratitude,


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