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Stewardship Committee Message 2016

The children are back in school, the weather is cooling, and the leaves are starting to change color. Autumn is upon us, and it is time to begin our preparations as a community for 2016!   As we discussed in 2015, successful preparations for the upcoming year start with the receipt of a pledge card from every family in our congregation.  Achieving our goals will only be possible if we have clear communication and understanding of our path forward, and the collective support of our faith community.
With this in mind, we are continuing with our collective themes developed in 2014 as part of our community “Dream Catching” exercise: 

Supporting our community’s pursuit of these three themes requires a strong foundation, which includes taking care of our facilities and operations (INREACH).  St. Alban’s Episcopal Church is our home, and place of gathering and worship.  To maintain our home, support our vision for the future (OUTREACH), and serve God (UPREACH), we need the help of every parishioner.
We made great strides last year, and saw an increase of almost 10% of pledge cards returned over 2014 numbers, but this still only covers approximately 69% of our family units!  

So, I ask each of our members, ‘
How can we collectively improve each year to achieve our goal of 100% participation?’ 

A pledge card from every member of St. Alban’s, regardless of the financial commitment, enables the best planning for the coming year.   Not having pledge cards from everyone drastically limits our ability to plan, which in turn limits how we serve our St. Alban’s family, the town of Davidson and adjacent communities, and our overall faith-based community as a whole.
In addition, for us to continue our current operations, and make another stride towards our strategic objectives, we need every parishioner to reflect on their current levels of support, and consider a minimum increase of $5 per week for 2016.  If each family unit can achieve this growth, we can continue to secure current operations and grow our parish programs.
The act of submitting a pledge, either through placing your pledge card into the collection plate during service or delivering it directly to our parish administration office, has been the traditional way we have requested your response.  However, this year we have expanded our options to offer each member the opportunity to submit your confidential pledge electronically by emailing your digital pledge card to Erin Garrett, or by printing your pledge card, filling out the form and returning it to St. Alban's.
Please visit our Giving Tab to print or email your 2016 Pledge Card.

A traditional pledge card is still very much welcome, and we hope that these new options will allow each parish member to reflect on what St. Albans means to you, and contribute at a level that you feel most comfortable with!
We cannot achieve our collective vision for our St. Alban’s Episcopal Church family, unless we (most importantly!) receive a written pledge from all members and, if at all possible, a modest increase in individual member giving.  WE ASK THAT YOU REFLECT ON THIS REQUEST AND COMMIT TO PROVIDING YOUR HELP!

Every gift of time, talent and treasure can have a dramatic impact on our lives and on those we help through our ministry.   We look forward to our bright future as we pull together to serve our collective vision of INREACH, OUTREACH, and UPREACH.

The Stewardship Committee