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St. Alban's Episcopal Church Weekday Preschool
Director Search

St. Albans is currently seeking a new director of the St. Alban’s Weekday Preschool to begin this summer when our current director retires. The new director will be only the third director in the 20+ years of the program. Interested candidates are invited to send a resume and cover letter to by February 2, 2024.

The director is responsible for fulfilling the mission of the program to develop children through interactive experiences and play in a Christian environment. The director is a part of the St. Alban’s Episcopal Church leadership team and reports to the rector/priest-in-charge, with support from a Board authorized by church lay leadership. The position is a critical conduit for communication and marketing with church members, parents and the community. The director oversees all aspects of the day-to-day operation of the program including recruitment, registration, curriculum development, staffing, budgeting, and purchasing.

Position Description

Part-time (10 month, ¾ days), exempt position.

Required Skills

1. Understanding of early childhood development and curriculum

2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

3. Proven leadership experience

4. Computing proficiency including word processing, and spreadsheets

5. Respectful of Episcopal church and NC Diocese practices and policies


Essential Functions

a. Recruit, hire, and manage and develop preschool staff.

b. Oversee the implementation of age-appropriate curriculum and programming, with regular evaluation of effectiveness.

c. Regularly interact with children and assist in the classrooms as needed.

d. Equip and maintain requisite classrooms, playground and equipment, ensuring the safety of the children.

e. Draft, updated, and enforce preschool policy, with assistance of preschool board.

f. Develop the annual budget with input and approval from the preschool board.

g. Maintain and strive toward the financial success of the preschool, including overseeing the work of the preschool’s bookkeeper and the annual audit.

h. Serve as a liaison between the program and the community to include communication and marketing for registration, events, fundraising activities and general information.

i. Attend church staff meetings and facilitate the relationship between the church and the preschool program.

j. Conduct self professionally and ethically, including keeping preschool information confidential. 

k. Establish strategic plans for the future success of the program.

Preferred Qualifications

BA in early childhood education and experience in teaching and leadership in an educational setting.

The above noted position description is not intended to be exhaustive or describe in detail the multitude of tasks that are assigned, but rather to give a general sense of the responsibilities and expectations of the position.  The precise expectations of the position will be worked out in conversations with the Rector and Preschool Board.

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704-892-0173 ext. 206


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