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Pastoral Care at St. Alban's

The mission of “Alban’s Angels” is to care for the needs within our parish.

Pastoral care at St. Alban’s combines the work of our clergy with the special talents of a professional therapist and a caring team of parishioners in serving the needs of our church family. Assistance is offered during times of illness, death, birth, hospital stays and other special needs as they arise.

The work of the clergy is at the center of pastoral care. But in addition, lay members of the church help by taking communion to those who are ill or homebound, taking meals if a family is dealing with a death or other major event, offering help when a baby arrives, and performing countless other planned and random acts of kindness.

St. Alban’s Pastoral Care Committee – “Alban’s Angels”

At St. Alban’s, pastoral care for our parishioners and their families is provided by the Pastoral Care Committee – “Alban’s Angels” – a group of clergy members and parishioners dedicated to serving our parishioners and their families with compassion and care.

“We Need to Know So We Can Serve”:

We rely on parishioners to let “Alban’s Angels” know when they have a need, or know of another parishioner who may need pastoral, meal, or other support in times of illness, surgery, convalescence, bereavement, or other personal or family situations. We also aim to support parishioners who may need a ride to church, desire Eucharistic outreach in the home, need errands run or small home repairs done. And we want to be made aware of celebrations in the lives of our parishioners as well, such as graduations, new jobs or career transitions, and other joyful events! Once “Alban’s Angels” are aware of parishioner needs and events, we will work to provide “the right service, at the right time, by the right people” to meet our parishioners’ needs and celebrate life events.

Importance of Confidentiality:

We recognize and respect our parishioners’ rights to privacy, and will hold strictly confidential any information that is requested by our parishioners to be kept private.

Communication and Service Process:

When you or your family has a need for pastoral care, or you know of a parishioner who may need pastoral care support, or know of a significant celebration in the life of a parishioner, please contact one of the following “Alban’s Angels” team leaders:

Becky Mohlere