St. Alban's Episcopal Church

  welcomes you

Annual Stewardship Campaign 2018


Arrives: St. Alban’s   Sunday, October 8, 8:00AM

Departs: St Alban’s    Sunday, November 12, 12:00PM

This year’s campaign theme is guided by the “STEWARDSHIP EXPRESS,” a high-speed locomotive pulling box cars, tank cars, passenger cars, baggage cars, hopper cars, refrigerator cars, etc. Like all members of our congregation, every car is different, unique, and special. Our locomotive is fueled by our FAITH, PASSION, and COMMITMENT to GOD and to each other.

As we continue our journey, always remember the stops and progress that we have made together:

  • 1890  Petition to establish Episcopal Mission in Davidson
  • 1955   St. Alban’s established as a Mission Church
  • 1956   First regular service held
  • 1956   Groundbreaking for new chapel  
  • 1994   The Reverend Gary Steber becomes first full-time priest    
  • 1995   St. Alban’s grows two-fold in one year
  • 1997   St. Alban’s qualifies for “parish” status
  • 2000  Groundbreaking for New St. Alban’s Church
  • 2001    St. Alban’s Joyous Consecration
  • 2017     The Reverend David Buck Retires
  • 2017     The Reverend Jim Croom joins St. Alban’s as Interim Rector

We are thankful and proud of where we have been and what we have achieved. We are excited about where we are going. 

Sincerely, The Stewardship Committee