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Message from Courtney Fossett

Posted by St. Alban's Episcopal Church on April 9, 2020 at 12:00 AM

What a journey we are on, through unprecedented terrain, that seems so unreal at times. Every day proves to be more overwhelming than the last in terms of information overload and circumstances beyond our control. To ground myself, I find myself looking inward at strengthening my faith and outward for what I am most thankful.


As I look inward, I have taken great solace in the Sunday morning worship online and seeing the positive comments by all of our St. Alban’s community has warmed my heart. Singing on your own in your pajamas while your family occasionally joins in or gives you funny looks has been interesting to say the least, but we are tuned in for fellowship, a positive message and hope. This time has certainly derailed us, but definitely not broken us. We are all getting a time out to reflect, bond and get creative. Our wonderful newsletter and my weekly family emails include great ways to bond and be creative in our time together as families.


As I look outward, I see my blessings of family, health and my surroundings. Even in this time of crisis, nature abounds with Spring in full force. Just walking outside to see the colors and vibrant life has been a blessing. Although the world seems to have stopped, life around us continues. We need to see outside of where we are now to appreciate all life has to offer and remember how precious and short life is and to make the most of every day.


I leave you with the thoughts and questions I am thinking on and have seen posted recently. How can I be better? How can I give back? How can I make a difference? Who can I touch base with today? These questions and many others like it help us to begin the process of looking inward for hope and possibilities and outward for all we see and have to offer. Although this time is challenging, there are still glimmers of light that we will start to see if we look closely enough. Please know the community of St. Alban’s is here for you!


All my best!



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