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Music Notes from John Bailey

Posted by St. Alban's Episcopal Church on March 29, 2023 at 12:25 AM

As this March comes to a close so, too, comes the end of the celebration Women’s History Month. We have sung several new hymns this month that were written by women, and I so appreciate your willingness to learn new songs. Also coming to a close is this season of Lent, as we approach the events of Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter. As our clergy have been wise to point out, Easter means so much more when we are willing to go through the events of Holy Week with our Lord. This time period is often called Christ’s Passion. While we are not physically going through these events, the spiritual impact of learning about them can be transformative. Below is the text of a hymn that describes this journey with Christ. It was written by Dr. Mary Louise Bringle. Dr. Bringle is an author, theologian and professor at Brevard College in Brevard, NC. May her beautiful hymn text enrich our understanding.





Would You Share Christ’s Passion?


Would you share Christ’s passion? Take your cross and follow; climb Golgatha’s hill. Taste the cup of sorrow, wine and gall commingled: drink its bitter fill. Bear the scourge of doubt and fear. Though a jeering crowd deride you, he will walk beside you.


Would you know Christ’s meaning, dazzling in its radiance? Lie down in the fire. Brave the flames of wisdom, searing with their mystery, fierce with love’s desire. Cast the darkened glass away: open to a brilliant burning, seek and find true learning.


Would you join Christ’s triumph, over death victorious, rising from the grave? Pain and grief are forecourts of the heavenly city, bought with blood he gave. Suffering marks the narrow gate. Yet, though trials throng to greet you, none shall now defeat you.


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