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Parish Hall Update

Posted by St. Alban's Episcopal Church on February 8, 2023 at 1:05 PM

Since the Grow, Gather, Serve capital campaign to raise funds for the design and construction of a parish hall at St. Alban’s concluded on June 22nd of last year, so much progress has occurred.

As many of you know, before the parish hall can be constructed, an important piece of our facilities must be replaced and relocated: the church playground. In tandem with engineering and architectural design efforts for the building, a new playground design and construction effort has also been underway.

The details of this new space were closely coordinated with the Preschool, and it will be located in a more preferential location for the Preschool right outside of the double doors to their space. A rendering of the new playground is provided below.

Construction of the new playground will begin in just a few days on February 13, and following the construction of this new space, the existing playground will be demolished and removed, thus clearing the footprint of the new parish hall building which will begin construction later in the year.

Once construction begins, you can expect to see activity Monday – Saturday generally between the hours of 9AM and 5PM, weather dependent. Playground material, equipment, and dumpster will be staged in a small section of the back parking lot as well during the duration of construction. It is expected that this project will wrap up by mid-March, at which time the new playground will be available for use.

During construction, signage, caution tape, and other indicators will be placed on the new playground equipment advising people not to disturb the work while in progress. It is very important everyone does their part to stay off of this equipment until these indicators are removed so that safety can be ensured and the equipment can be properly installed so it will provide many years of use once opened. We thank you for your cooperation in this very important aspect of making the project a success!

In my letter to the parish at the start of the capital campaign, I noted that the next chapter of our parish history can be an exciting one if we all joined in this effort by supporting the project with prayer, interest, and financial contribution. I am confident we will reflect on this chapter of our parish history with pride, knowing we expanded God’s mission here at St Alban’s.


James Wally


Parish Hall Committee


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