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Message from Rev. Carmen

Posted by St. Alban's Episcopal Church on June 15, 2022 at 9:55 AM

Wanderlust. I’ve got a case of it. Maybe it’s because we’ve not been able to do much traveling since the pandemic started. Or maybe the heaviness of recent weeks has me yearning for a small dose of escapism. Either way, the pull to jump in the car or catch a plane and go somewhere is strong right now! As much as I adore Davidson, we all can benefit from a change of scenery every now and then.


Fortunately, my family and I have some travel plans coming up. Next month, we’re headed to the beach for the first time in several years. Then we’ll do our usual week at Kanuga (a beautiful Episcopal Camp & Conference Center in the NC mountains) where I’ve served as a guest chaplain for the past few summers. And a bit later in the summer, we’ll visit family and friends in Virginia.


Beyond this summer, I’m also getting very excited to journey with some of you to the Holy Land next summer!


I know many of you are traveling these next several months. I’d really enjoy keeping up with your wanderings! When you are out exploring that big, wide world, drop a postcard in the mail to 301 Caldwell Lane Davidson, NC 28036 if you can! We will put them up on the bulletin board in the narthex and we’ll enjoy seeing all the places our parish family has been.


Or even better, if you attend church during your travels, save the bulletin for me! This church nerd loves knowing where you worshipped (and seeing how other churches do their bulletins). We’ll put those up on the bulletin board too!


I’m aware that not everyone has access to travel, for various reasons. I am thankful for the privilege and do not ever take it for granted, no matter how many or how few miles we go.


For me, anticipating a trip can be almost as much fun as the experience itself. I will confess that, during the first year of the pandemic, I planned several trips that never got taken, and probably never will. I researched charming hotels and cute Airbnbs in far-flung locales, just to stay sane during lockdown. Dreaming of new adventures helped remind me that the worst of COVID would not last forever. And it didn’t. New adventures await, and I am grateful.


One of my other favorite parts of travel is coming home. Especially when I get to come back to a community as amazing as this one! Thanks for being my home, St. Alban’s.


Yours in Christ,



P.S. Don’t forget those postcards and church bulletins! Whether it’s from Dubai, Denali, Dover, or Denver (CO or NC), we’d all love to see the places you’ve seen!




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