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Music Notes - June 2022

Posted by St. Alban's Episcopal Church on June 8, 2022 at 1:50 PM

At times, the chaos and grief that seems to engulf the world and our lives can be overwhelming. The ongoing pandemic, wars, grieving at the deaths of friends and loved ones, senseless violence, worries about economic problems and threats to our way of life: all of these have taken, and continue to take a toll on our collective and individual psyches. One often wonders: what do I do next? Scripture instructs us repeatedly to give thanks, even when we’re anxious about what the future, our future, might hold. Perhaps, we should give thanks that our future is in God’s hands, and is not simply a matter of fate. Perhaps, the instruction to give thanks is actually for our benefit and formation as believers. After thanking God for his grace and love, giving thanks for the people who have blessed our lives seems like a good place to start.

As the choir begins its summer break, I wish to thank them for their tireless work this year. It has been (another) challenging year for many people, including the music ministry. The constant hope of church musicians is that the musical offerings made are pleasing to God and meaningful to those who hear them. Challenges of the pandemic and illness have meant that the choir has had to adapt and re-adapt to continue our ministry in the parish. I am ever-grateful for all that they do and how it has strengthened our worship life together. This parish sings its praise to God well, and that is something that takes time to accomplish.

As we celebrate Trinity Sunday this week, I leave you with the words of a song that depicts the loving nature of the members of the God-Head: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I give thanks for the Spirit that God sends to comfort us.



O Threefold God of Tender Unity

O threefold God of tender unity, life’s great unknown that binds and sets us free: felt in our loving, greater than our thought, you are the mystery found, the mystery sought. O blaze of radiance, source of light that blinds, the fiery splendor of prophetic minds, you live in mystery, yet within us dwell; life springs from you as from a living well. Most loving Parent, Child of joys and pains, creative Spirit, lifeforce that sustains, in bone and flesh, we touch your gentle hand, your face we see in water, air, and land. In every making, each creative dream and in the flow of life’s great healing stream, when love is born or people reconciled, we share your life, O Parent, Spirit, Child.

© 1988 W. L. Wallace(b.1933) Used by permission of Hope Publishing Co.


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