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Music Notes - July 2021

Posted by St. Alban's Episcopal Church on July 28, 2021 at 10:10 AM

There is an old saying that goes: “the only thing for sure is that things will change”. If nothing else, this last year and a half has proven this saying to be true once again. So, yes, change is inevitable. However, those who desire to see with the eyes of faith are called to evaluate whether a particular change is something of worth, simply a passing fad or, possibly, something that is deceptive and destructive. When objective, provable truth can be dismissed with diversion and lies by elected leaders we should be alarmed by that kind of change. When those same leaders seemingly “get away” with that deception one might question if there is truly any real justice in the world. While this question is not new, it still begs for an answer. Is it any wonder, then, that the conversations between Jesus and the religious and political leaders of his time on earth reflect this need to tell the truth? He, of course, knew the truth and the intent of their hearts, as he does ours. His questioning of them did two things. It gave those leaders the opportunity to repent of their lies, if they chose to do so, and it gave the people led by those leaders the opportunity to choose or reject the truth that he was trying to show them. All of the bad news in the world: upheaval; unrest; sadness; disease and death. God knew all these thoughts can overwhelm even the strongest of us. So, he gave us Christ , on whom we can depend and on whom we can cast all of our cares/worries/depression—whatever it is that weighs us down.


So, are we any different from the people of another time? Probably not. Are God, the Father; Jesus Christ, the Son and God, the Holy Spirit the same as always? Most definitely! This Sunday(8/1) I plan to share a song during the Prelude time titled: “ O Christ the Same, through All Our Story’s Pages”. This old Irish tune is known as Londonderry Air but you will recognize it immediately as the tune to “O Danny Boy”. The text is by Timothy Dudley-Smith who is a retired bishop of the Church of England and a noted hymn writer. I did not include the words in the bulletin but did want to include them here for you to keep. Hopefully, the title and text will be fully visible as the second page of this article so you can print and keep, if you choose to do so. I believe they are an important reminder for us of where and to whom we can turn when things seem overwhelming.

Peace to you,


PLEASE SEE BELOW  for “O Christ the Same…” text.


O Christ the Same, Through All Our Story’s Pages


O Christ the same, through all our story’s pages, our loves and hopes, our failures and our fears; eternal Lord, the king of all the ages, unchanging still amid the passing years: O living Word, the source of all creation, who spread the skies and set the stars ablaze; O Christ the same, who wrought our whole salvation, we bring our thanks for all our yesterdays.


O Christ the same, the friend of sinners, sharing our inmost thoughts, the secrets none can hide; still as of old upon your body bearing the marks of love in triumph glorified: O Son of Man, who stooped for us from heaven; O Prince of life, in all your saving power; O Christ the same, to whom our hearts are given: we bring our thanks for this the present hour.


O Christ the same, secure within whose keeping our lives and loves, our days and years remain; our work and rest, our waking and our sleeping, our calm and storm, our pleasure and our pain: O Lord of love, for all our joys and sorrows, for all our hopes when earth shall fade and flee; O Christ the same, beyond our brief tomorrows, we bring our thanks for all that is to be.



Words: Timothy Dudley-Smith(b. 1926)

Music: Irish tune, arr. John Barnard(b. 1948)

Text © 1984 and arr. © 1982 Hope Publishing Co. Reprinted with permission.


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