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Message from Courtney Fossett

Posted by St. Alban's Episcopal Church on May 5, 2021 at 1:55 PM

“Faith and Hope are the sails and Love is the rudder, it is like God’s GPS”, was spoken by Bishop Curry as he read these words on Audible this morning from his book Love is the Way. What a wonderful way to think about it I thought, as we are guided through our lives by God’s GPS for us. We are all in our own boats being moved by faith and hope, then love keeps us in the direction to go. This year has certainly rocked our boats in many ways, but we must remember that the challenges in life we face are meant for us to turn to God. His love for us knows no bounds and we must trust in him and his love to steer us through the difficult times. It is only in trusting in that love that faith and hope will begin to flourish and move us through the challenges. Love is the way.


When I first heard his line, Love is the way, I thought it was such a simple concept and yet one that alludes us from time to time. Bishop Curry mentions the 3 types of love, Eros (romantic), Philia (brotherly), and Agape (unconditional God’s love). All of them are meaningful, but agape fuels our souls to experience its deepest meaning and create the greatest relationship we will ever know, with God. We are fortunate in a lifetime to know all 3, but Agape creates the environment for us to know and experience Philia and Eros. As we experience God’s love, we can learn to love ourselves through his eyes and thereby share his love with others. Love is the way.


Agape and Philia have certainly been overwhelmingly shown to me in the past year and the blessings are endless. Most recently, I have been beyond blessed with an incredible group of young people that have become active in our youth group. It has made me speechless and brought a tear to my eye to witness all of them gathering. With numbers in the 20s, laughing and enjoying fun and fellowship, they have made my heart so full. Love is the way and our youth are certainly seeing it come alive. Many thanks to the youth for continuing to come and participate, for the parents support and for the incredible Family Support Team for helping to make it all happen. We are blessed!


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