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Message from Rev. Carmen

Posted by St. Alban's Episcopal Church on March 10, 2021 at 4:25 PM

As Holy Week and Easter approaches, your clergy and staff are busily making plans to observe this most sacred time of year. Beginning on March 28, we will begin to offer both online and in-person worship opportunities. While we are thrilled that we can gather onsite once more, all in-person gatherings will follow the safety protocols of our Diocese and are limited in size. We humbly ask for your patience, compassion, and flexibility as we move forward with plans for a hybrid approach to worship in the coming weeks. We see many signs of hope around us, and yet we are not able to fully re-gather as we would like. Some of us have been able to receive vaccines, and many others of us are not yet eligible. And so, we prepare to commemorate Christ’s death and celebrate his resurrection in ways that speak to this liminal space we find ourselves in this year…partially online and partially in person.


Liminality is a concept that appears in many disciplines: anthropology, architecture, psychology, and literature, just to name a few. The concept speaks to a threshold moment, when we find ourselves somewhere between the already and the not yet. Liminal spaces are found woven throughout scripture, as the people of God navigate various rites of passage and deep learnings. Holy Saturday is the ultimate biblical liminal space—that time of waiting between the cross and the empty tomb, between death and new life.


I think we, as a society, are very much in the liminal space that feels like Holy Saturday right now. Resurrection is coming. I believe it with all my heart. And yet, there are still lessons to be learned from this current season, as much as we are eager and ready to leap into the next phase. My prayer is that, rather than be impatient with this time between the already and the not yet, we will listen to what God still has to teach us, and lean gently and faithfully into the hope of new life on the horizon.


Yours in Christ,



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