Davidson, NC

St. Alban's Episcopal Church

  welcomes you

St. Alban's Annual Giving 2023
Honor the Lord with your possessions and with the first produce of your entire harvest.

- Proverbs 3:9

St. Alban's 2023 Annual Giving Campaign, GRACE IN ACTION,  kicked off on September 25. 

You have two options to submit your pledge to St. Alban's. You can either submit a digital pledge form through our website or fill out a paper pledge card and mail it to 301 Caldwell Ln. Davidson, NC 28036. Simply click the appropriate button to the left. There are also pledge cards available in the narthex.

Dear St. Alban's,

Grace and Peace from the St. Alban’s Annual Giving Team!

This fall’s annual giving campaign theme is Grace in Action. Yes, grace means different things to each of us. Over the next four weeks we will reflect together on how God generously puts grace into action. These actions manifest in clear, obvious ways, but also in subtle everyday ways!

The Bible begins by letting us know God creates and nurtures our earth: the sea, the land, the animals, and all of us humans, beautifully made in his image.

Here at St. Alban’s, we’ve been working hard to participate in God’s work of creating and nurturing! Through our monthly FeedNC cooking teams, our Red Wagon ministry, and the annual Turkey Drive, we help feed our neighbors. With Habitat for Humanity and the SEEDS Community Garden, we’ve been builders and tenders of the earth. Through our children and youth ministries, our Weekday Preschool, and our support of La Escuelita Bilingual Preschool, we are nurturers of young people.

We are called to participate in this grace in action at St. Alban’s. Together, we have an opportunity to help make sure this microcosm of God’s work thrives. Like us, many of you have known this congregation’s grace in action during stressful times of illness or trauma in the form of support, prayer, calls, and reassuring words. Grace in action also celebrates the successes of others and time shared together. These kindnesses ARE grace in action, and they make a difference.

This spring, we were overwhelmed with grace in action from church members who pledged toward the construction of a parish hall to expand our mission and ministries. We graciously thank all those who are supporting the building fund. We pray that this positive momentum will inspire you to make your very best annual pledge, which allows us to retain our highly valued staff, provide programs for all ages, and care for our beautiful building and grounds.

Prayer is one of the significant ways we live grace in action. Ribbons were sent out in the pledge packet on which each family member can write a prayer of thanksgiving or petition. Please bring them to church to add to the prayer banners from other parishioners.

We invite you to review the grace in action pledge card, pray the prayer printed on the back, and keep it visible, until you are ready to bring it or send it in anytime between now and Sunday, October 16, when we will celebrate together as we join in God’s given grace in action through offering our annual giving pledges.

With gratitude,

Gordon and George Jacobs

2023 Annual Giving co-chairs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a heartfelt, documented financial commitment to the ministry and well-being of St. Alban’s.

What’s wrong with just putting money in the collection plate?

St. Alban’s is grateful for all financial contributions, but pledges provide the Vestry with the expected income information that is essential to preparing our annual budget. St. Alban’s simply cannot operate and thrive without a reasonable estimate of its financial resources. And your pledge reinforces the importance of God and St. Alban’s in your life.

How much should I pledge?

The amount, of course, is a personal decision, but it should be grounded in your faith and commitment to the church’s ongoing work of building God’s kingdom. Scripture lifts up the tithe (ten percent of one’s income) as the aspirational giving level. We urge everyone to aspire to that goal, while we understand that reaching such a goal is a process. Regardless of the size, we hope you will make St. Alban’s your primary philanthropic priority. Your pledge should not be an afterthought or a casual decision.

Is my pledge confidential?

Yes. We will publicly thank (by name) all who pledge to St. Alban’s, but only a handful of necessary people know the actual amounts of individual commitments.

When should I pledge?

We have condensed the pledging season this year. We begin in late September and will conclude with Ingathering Sunday on October 16, when we will ask God’s blessing upon all the pledges we have received for 2023. Of course, new pledges are also welcomed and appreciated after October 16 and throughout the year.

What if my situation changes and I cannot fulfill my pledge?

We understand that life’s circumstances do change, often unexpectedly. In this case, please alert the finance director, so that our records can be amended and the clergy can respond with pastoral care as needed.

How can I pay my pledge?

There are several convenient ways to honor your pledge:

-Make regular payments by check.

-Use your bank’s online bill paying system and set up regular monthly or other periodic payments directly to the church.

-Use appreciated stocks, donor adviser funds or IRA payouts to pay your pledge. (If you are over 70 1⁄2 years of age, your IRA payouts should be fully tax-deductible). In either case, please alert the finance director to ensure that your pledge payment is properly credited.

What else should I consider as I determine my pledge?

Prayer. We are members of St. Alban’s because of our love and commitment to Christ, so don’t forget to ask for God’s help to guide you.

Your life's blessings. Your pledge is a response of gratitude and joy for all you have been given.

St. Alban's impact on your life. Is it the liturgy, our service to others in the community and the world, our life-long Christian education, the music, or the fellowship and fun? All of these things are made possible by our pledges.

St. Alban's is not just another charity. We all give to worthy causes, but the church is more than a non-profit. We are a family. We are God’s family. Your pledge is an affirmation of your faith and commitment to ensure the vitality of our parish, as we have done since 1956.

Who do I contact with questions?

You may call or email our Financial Director, Erin Garrett, at erin@saintalbansdavidson.org or (704) 892-0173.