St. Alban's Episcopal Church

  welcomes you

Message from Father David

St. Alban’s in Davidson is a friendly, inclusive, and growing Episcopal parish in the Diocese of North Carolina. Whether you are an Episcopalian or a person seeking a new church home, we invite  you to join us in worship as we strive to be faithful disciples of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Bishop of our Diocese, The Right Reverend Anne Hodges-Copple, proclaims that, “Our vision as a diocese is to be a community of disciples committed to following Jesus Christ into the dream of God for us and for all creation. The dream of God is a way of talking about God's original purpose and intention for creation, the full expression of loving communion and community between God, human beings and all creation. It is a way of talking about the biblical vision of God's promised blessing for all (Genesis 12:1-3), of God's Shalom or peace (Isaiah 11:1-9), and of the kingdom or reign of God's love (Mark 12:28-34).

To be a disciple is to walk the high road of the Gospel. It is to traverse the royal road of love, to be a person of compassion, to summon forth justice in season and out, to embody the very forgiveness of God and to incarnate the reconciliation which is God's ultimate goal in creation. Thus, discipleship is a journey, following Jesus of Nazareth, through the nightmare that is often our world into the dream that God intends for us and all creation.”

St. Alban’s shares Bishop Hodges-Copples' vision to be a people who desire to live God’s dream, walking the high road of the Gospel. We are all pilgrims in this journey who desire to continually add fellow pilgrims to our company. Come and journey with this community of joyful pilgrims committed to the forward mission of the Gospel of Christ. If we can assist you in your own spiritual journey in any way, please let us know.


Statement of Values

1)  We value and promote the notion and the reality that our parish provides for all true seekers a spiritual home, practical help and eternal hope in Christ.
2) We value and attempt to embody the call to radical welcome, justice and full inclusivity, with respect to ethnicity, social status, gender, political persuasion and sexual orientation.
3)  We value and declare the worth of all ages, cradle to the grave, and the importance of faith development, beginning in infancy and extending throughout life.
4)  We value transparent, direct, and civil communication among all groups and individuals in the parish, and eschew relational triangling, secretive coalitions and gossip. 
5)   We value and seek to develop collegiality and teaming over authoritative approaches to leadership, at all levels of parish life, beginning with the priests and Vestry.
6)   We value and urge full engagement by each layperson, upholding the lofty expectation that each one will find at least one niche of service “inside” the walls of the parish, and at least one outside.
7)   We value and seek to nudge all members toward a permanent orientation and life rhythm of weekly “gathering to worship” and daily “scattering to serve.”  
8)   We value and remain committed to The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion as our faith heritage, while fully honoring and cooperating with ecumenical and interfaith communities.
9)   We value in worship the delicate “dance” and balance of dignity, enthusiasm, inspiring music, interaction, spontaneity, relevance, sacramental holiness, aesthetics, structure, and God’s presence.
10)   We value and we seek to enhance the reputation of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church as a progressive parish that promotes the Arts, embraces Science, serves the community, and follows Christ.