St. Alban's Episcopal Church

  welcomes you

Annual Stewardship Campaign 2017


with our


Growing In Faith Together

In 2016, Father David made a heartfelt request to our parish, and St. Albans answered!  It was gratifying to see how our faith community came together to address the shortfall in the stewardship campaign.  In 2017, we need to continue to build on our collective response in 2016, and grow our G.I.F.T to our parish.

While our community was successful in meeting the budgetary needs of 2016, the budgeting for 2017 will include its own set of challenges.  Is St. Albans up to the task?

The answer can be a resounding, uplifting, collective response of ‘YES’, with every parish member’s G.I.F.T.!

What are our challenges in 2017?

Increased operational costs associated with budgetary items such as regular cleaning of the church, financial auditing, and increase in healthcare expenses for our faculty and staff, to name a few.

How will we meet these 2017 budgetary challenges?

Building on our 2016 pledge offerings, and expanding our offering by increasing our spiritual, heartfelt gift to ensure the success of St. Albans in 2017!

As always, a pledge card from every member of St. Alban’s, regardless of the financial commitment, enables the best planning for the coming year.   Not having pledge cards from everyone drastically limits our ability to plan, which in turn limits how we serve our St. Alban’s family, the town of Davidson and adjacent communities, and our overall faith-based community as a whole.

We will continue this year with providing multiple options to our parish community on how best to submit a confidential 2017 stewardship pledge.  For those of you that appreciate the symbolic act of submitting an actual pledge card, either through placing your card into the collection plate during service or delivering it directly to our parish administration office, cards are available in the Narthex.

For those of you who prefer to submit your confidential pledge electronically, you can utilize our on-line pledge form, which will be received directly by Erin Garrett, Financial Director.  

A traditional pledge card is still very much welcome, however, we hope that the continued use of electronic options will allow us to reduce budget costs associated with the yearly Stewardship Campaign.

Therefore, the St. Albans Stewardship Committee presents our parish community with the kick-off to our 2017 Stewardship Campaign: G.I.F.T.Growing In Faith Together.

Help us to provide a resounding, collective response of YES’ to meeting our 2017 challenges by completing an electronic or paper confidential pledge card today.

Every gift of time, talent and treasure can have a dramatic impact on our lives and on those we help through our ministry.



St. Alban's Stewardship Committee