St. Alban's Episcopal Church

  welcomes you

The Reverend Jim Croom
Interim Rector

I’m a priest and I have a doctor of ministry from a seminary. Over the years since entering seminary in 1995, I have worked hard to achieve the grounding in grace and transformation by the truth of a living Gospel that reflects acceptance of diversity, and a genuine desire to be of good use in this world. This has been an ongoing, purposeful work. My spouse, my spiritual directors, counselors, colleagues and dear parishioners over the years have given their efforts to those ends. While any proof of the success of these collective efforts would be revealed in our work together.

You need to know up front that I recognize and acknowledge my ability to seriously mess up on occasion, to hurt others, and to fall in my own journey. Because of that, or perhaps in spite of that, it seems important to point out that, generally, I am a non-judgmental person. I have a heart open to forgiveness. I do not always get it right, but this is not for want of trying. I do believe in unconditional love, and I believe in the transformative nature of forgiveness. Accountability is vital within the framework of freewill, indeed, but compassion and empathy precede and underwrite pastoral ministry. “Yes, Lord, I do love you, and I will tend your lambs.” I believe that to do so requires three essential character sets: a willingness to listen, the ability to withhold judgement, and a determination to love unconditionally.

People view me as kind, good natured and often funny. I value listening to others. I think systemically, that I am a part of a greater “whole.” I believe in synergism, and recognize from my work in opera and especially now in my career among God’s church folk just how wonderful is the joining of effort when it yields a positive and creative result so much greater than the sum of its parts. Decision making is not difficult for me, nor is my acceptance of the responsibility for them. I am able to own the decisions I make. However, I far and away prefer that decisions be collective, or emerge from consensus. My door is always open, so please contact me for any reason.


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The Reverend Rebecca Yarbrough


Rebecca is a Charlotte native, married to Dave for 42 years, who lives in Charlotte with a dog and cat. A graduate of Queens College and the UNC School of Government's County Administration Program, she's also the mother of Nancy and Kathy, graduates of USC and UNC-W. She was ordained to the diaconate in June, 2008, and came to St. Alban's in July, 2008.

As a vocational deacon, Rebecca's call is to "bridge" between the Church and the needs of the world. This means helping to bring world and community needs to the attention of St. Alban's and helping St. Alban's to organize to meet those needs.

Right now that work includes supporting St. Alban’s very active Outreach Team as they launch an initiative to help the homeless and housing-insecure and provide a wide range of programs and services to help those in need in the Lake Norman area:  La Escuelita San Alban bi-lingual pre-school, serving at the Mooresville Soup Kitchen, tutoring at LearnWorks Bridge, and planning mission work in Costa Rica.  She also leads a team from other Episcopal congregations in Charlotte in the start-up of Galilee Ministries, serving the refugee and immigrant community of East Charlotte. 

You may contact Rebecca by e-mail at: